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Thermal Hair Care — Hit The Mark! @Thermalhaircare

Hi There!
Life has been so busy…😂
Sorry for the non-visits!!! But I’m back!!
Lets start with my recent purchase…  I love to deep condition my hair.. I need to deep condition my hair.. But I don’t.. Why??

Because… I don’t have the time to sit under a dryer to deep condition.  Well.. I came across this awesome item called Hot Head!  This item has been out since 2014.. Why am I just hearing about this??!!  Better late than ever!  All you need to do is put this baby in the microwave, heat it to your desired temperature, throw this joint on your head (with your hair mask or conditioner of course) and go on about your business. I am cleaning the house, playing with my son, cooking, etc.  It is really does work because I just recently did the Pintura highlights on my hair and my ends took a beating.  This thermal cap is saving me from having to cut my ends!!  

Worth the money curly friends!!

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