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Game Face Wipes Tryout!

So when I go hard, go strong, go fast… I get sweaty!! I sweat like man… Let’s keep it real! It sucks but it is what it is.. And with a kid, there is no time for stopping home to freshen up. I used to walk with baby wipes. They were good but they didn’t hydrate my skin. So I decided to give Game Face a try. Big Difference. My skin is left feeling clean and fresh with no drying afterwards. Although it is formulated for a men, this product works well for women, especially if you are like me, on the go from one place to another then another, etc. You’re not left feeling sticky, just cool and refreshed. Big Plus, this product is hypoallergenic, paraben free, free from animal testing and 100% biodegradable. Big Keeper Ladies! I always keep them with me!

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