Fitness 360: Jen Jewell, Training Program

So I have been on a fitness journey as well.  I have been training for a few years now as often as I can.  I wanted to share one of the fitness programs that I follow.  Actually, I am just starting this program.  I visit to find workouts and plans to follow.  A trainer can be so expensive but if you use discipline you can follow a plan on your own.  Below is Jen Jewell’s plan.  As you can see she is SHREDDED…  Tomorrow morning I start this..  I will post so pics of my workouts soon..  Wish me luck!!!

Jen Jewell’s fast-paced, circuit-style workouts are challenging, but they’re also really fun. Spend a week in her shoes and follow Jen’s split!

Source: Fitness 360: Jen Jewell, Training Program