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Curly Girl Handbook: Curly Gurl Bible!

My curly gurls….  Yea… You know who you are… For years we have been blowing our hair straight.. Bone straight at that.. Using flat irons to keeps the straight hairdo in humidity.. All because we did not know how to handle our curly curls.. Well at least I didn’t…
Putting globs of gel… alcohol infused gel no less in my hair making it crunchy and hard just to keep the curls defined… or if I didn’t put any gel in it.. I had a huge big frizz ball on my head…  Well after damaging my hair to the point that it became paper thin… I made the decision to stop butchering my hair.  As part of my healthy mind and body journey I included my hair with hopes of bringing my dead, lifeless mane back to life.  The start of journey began with this book..  In order to take care of our hair we have to understand it and by using the right products and not give in to products just because commercials and famous people tell us too…  Invest in your hair and begin your journey…

Curly Girl Handbook


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