About Me

Hi! I’m Rae. Thanks for stopping by.

In my quest to live a more healthy, natural and non-toxic lifestyle I have learned so many things I was doing wrong.  From foods to supplements to hair and skin care.  I became disappointed at just what I was doing to my body… inside and out..

Well, you are NEVER too late to learn..  Learn to become more health conscious.  More in tune with your physical well-being.  At 45, I am internalizing this state of mind.  

A mom to a 5 year old (yes, I bloomed late with starting my family!!), I began to think…. and over-think…  “Am I really physically prepared to chase a toddler”  My mind answered yes…. but my body said.. “Hell No”!!  So when he was 3 years old, I decided to go back to the gym and get myself back in shape.. So I can be proud of myself.. So my son can be proud of his Momma..  



While the physical workouts was helping me on the outside, I still wasn’t feeling right on the inside.  Still sluggish, still exhausted and still mentally fatigued.  So I decided to change my nutritional intake routine as well. (NOT EASY TO DO BY THE WAY)  However, I did begin to see a difference.  I am still a work in progress on this, but I am pushing through it.  

In addition to changing my nutrition by going organic, I decided to go organic ALL THE WAY! Skin wise… Hair wise…  HUGE difference and a fulfilling payoff..  I am totally in love with being natural and toxic free with every aspect of my life…

Again, I am still a work in progress and I am still learning but my thoughts were to help others with their transition while on my journey..  Hoping we can learn from each other along the way!!!  


God made us naturally beautiful…  Let’s Own It… I look forward to meeting you all my Lovelies!