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40 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

You may have heard good things about apple cider vinegar and you probably have a bottle of it in your pantry right now. Touted as a ‘super fluid’, apple cider vinegar is more than a potent vinegar substitute. It is also credited with treating all kinds of health problems, from flu to warts. 

I read somewhere that if you suffer from extremely bad menstrual cramps, drinking Apple Cider Vinegar can help relieve cramps.  I haven’t yet tried it but given my horrible menstrual history, I think I will be giving it a try!

Raw, unheated apple cider vinegar has numerous health giving qualities. It contains naturally occurring antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. It works not by curing any specific disease but by its detoxifying properties and by strengthening the immune system. It also inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Owing to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it can be used for soothing a sore throat, lowering cholesterol, and healing your heartburn.

Some Other Uses:
• Age spots: Vinegar mixed with onion juice may help reduce the appearance of age spots. Mix equal parts onion juice and vinegar, and dab onto the age spots. After several weeks of this daily routine, the spots should lighten.
• Itchy skin: To relieve itchy skin and/or aching muscles, add 8 ounces apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of warm water. Soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes
• Cleansers and toners: Use a mixture of half vinegar, half water to clean your face. Then rinse with vinegar diluted with water, and let your face air dry to seal in the moisture. You can lessen the amount of vinegar if your skin is sensitive.
• Problem skin: Oily skin can be controlled with a mixture of half apple cider vinegar and half cool water. The mixture works as an astringent. You can also freeze this solution into ice cubes and use it as a cooling facial treatment on a hot summer. Make a paste of honey, wheat flour, and vinegar, and then use it to lightly cover a new outbreak of pimples. Keep the paste on overnight, and rinse it off in the morning. This should accelerate the healing process. I would not vouch for a hundred per cent result with the pimple treatment though.
• Nail Polish: Make your nail polish last longer on your fingers by soaking fingertips for 1 minute in 2 teaspoons vinegar and 1/2 cup warm water before applying the polish.
• Weight Loss: Drinking a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before every mealis said to help in weight loss. The weight loss is gradual but permanent.

Below is a link to the chart above of 40 different uses for Apple Cider Vinegar.


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